Tips for Your Best Hair and Skin Care

The latest hair news, style updates and more from the Accolades team.

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are the perfect way to provide yourself with self-care. In our hectic world, it can be hard to set aside time for yourself. But did you know that…

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Spas St. Paul

Living in St. Paul is great! It’s home to 10,000 lakes and with Minneapolis so close by, there’s plenty of culture and art. When it comes to Spas in St.…

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Best Haircut Places Near Me

At Accolades Salon Spa, we know that finding the best haircut place near your home can be a challenge. Furthermore, building a rewarding and sustainable relationship with a talented salon…

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What is a High Frequency Facial?

If common skin concerns such as acne, large pores, or fine lines and wrinkles are keeping you from having flawless skin, a treatment known as a high frequency facial may…

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short hair styling tips

4 Short Hair Styling Tips

From pixie cuts to angled bobs, short haircuts offer versatility, lower maintenance, and a sleek, stylish look. However, to keep your short hair looking fresh, it’s important to follow some…

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