Tips for Your Best Hair and Skin Care

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We Are Your Salon Near You

At Accolades Salon Spa, we offer extraordinary experiences of care. Nestled in the Highland Park neighborhood, we are a hair salon and spa destination for those in the St. Paul…

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Top Rated Hair Salons Near Me

Looking for a consistent “top rated hair salon near me” means culling through Yelp or Google reviews, online customer testimonials, social media channels, websites and more. But if you are…

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Hair Cutting Places

Finding a hair cutting place that will perform expert work requires effort. Unfortunately, you can’t just waltz into any salon and expect to leave a satisfied customer. When it comes…

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Salon Hair Coloring

Salon hair coloring is leaps and bounds more advanced than at home DIY box hair dye. We know many of you have been taking the reins yourself at home and…

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Hair Extensions Salon Near Me

When it comes to adding length and volume to your hair through extensions, you want the best. The processes involved in hair extensions require talent and expertise, both of which…

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Massage in St. Paul, Minnesota

At Accolades Salon Spa, we offer the Massage Prestige Membership Program. Not only do we offer the best massage in St. Paul, Minnesota but now you can become a member…

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