Try the Top Hair Color Trends for 2020 at Accolades Salon Spa—a Cutting-Edge Hair Dye Salon

Each new year ushers in a wave of new style trends, altering the way we dress, accessorize ourselves, and cut and color our hair. At Accolades Salon Spa, a full-service hair dye salon in St. Paul, our talented team stays up to date on the latest hair trends for both men and women. Whether you’re seeking an edgy new look or you simply want a fresh take on a traditional style, we can help you achieve your ideal image.

Feeling trendy? Visit Accolades Salon Spa, your local hair dye salon, and ask about the following 2020 hair color trends!

  • Soft blonde balayage. Offering a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect, balayage has been one of our favorite hair color techniques for years. The balayage trend is expected to continue in 2020, with soft blonde and caramel hues creating that beautiful beachy look all year-round—with less maintenance than traditional color techniques generally require.
  • Dip dye ends. Dyeing just the ends of your hair with an eye-catching hue offers a great way to incorporate a splash of brightness and create contrast without having to color your entire head.
  • Ravishing reds. From pale coral to warm ginger to vibrant copper, reddish hues are expected to be popular in 2020. These shades enhance your skin’s warm undertones without risking a washed-out look.
  • Shadow roots. The shadow root coloring technique transforms grown-out roots into a style statement. By coloring the roots a darker shade than the rest of the hair—or leaving the roots natural and coloring the hair a lighter shade—this technique creates a beautiful shadow-like, blurred transition between the two hues.
  • Rich chocolate browns. This year, stylists anticipate that deep brown hues will take on greater depth with lighter brown or smoky gold highlights.

At Accolades Salon Spa, our hair dye salon specialists are available to help you determine which hair colors would best complement your skin tone and unique style. From highlights and lowlights to balayage to full head color, we offer a variety of techniques to create your ideal look. Call us today at 651.698.8818 or visit to book an appointment!


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