Benefits of Getting a Brow Wax

A brow wax is one of the fastest and most painless alternatives to tweezing your eyebrow line. As one of the best hair salons in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area, Accolades Salon Spa is proud to offer brow wax services, in addition to a wide range of other professional grooming services.

If you want to harness the benefits of a shapely brow line, then we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about how the brow wax process works.

Brow Wax Services

The basic steps involved in brow waxing include:

  • First, we wash the area carefully to remove the presence of oil, lotions, or makeup. This ensures a clean surface area for the application of wax.
  • Then, our professional team member will comb the brows carefully with a small brush or toothbrush to get a sense of your brows’ natural shape and growth.
  • Once a shape is determined, we will then use a tool to part the brow hair into the desired shape.
  • Next, we apply a gentle heated wax in the direction of hair growth for ease.
  • Cut linen strips are pressed firmly over the warm wax and smoothed on.
  • After pressing firmly, we pull the skin taught, and remove the linen strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • The process is repeated as necessary to execute the desired shape.
  • At the end, we might use tweezers to tackle any stray or short hairs, leaving you with a beautiful brow line that accentuates your facial structure.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Brow Wax?

While relatively painless, brow waxing can temporarily irritate your skin. However, with proper care, the benefits of this quick process include:

  • Saving time on frequent brow grooming
  • Removing hard-to-see brow hairs
  • No razor burn
  • Highlights your eyes

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