Salon Hair Coloring

Salon hair coloring is leaps and bounds more advanced than at home DIY box hair dye. We know many of you have been taking the reins yourself at home and as time creeps on a professional touch may be required.

At Accolades Salon Spa, we’ve undertaken extraordinary measures to create a safe, peaceful and relaxing environment for your salon hair coloring and cutting needs.

With proper sanitizing measures, we can’t wait to serve you. As one of Minneapolis’ premier hair salons and spas, we offer the pinnacle of relaxation. For salon hair coloring, we’re noticing many warm trends as the weather cools. Several of our favorite looks so far include:

Classic Blonde
The look is back! Classic blonde is in this season and we think it’ll stay through the holidays and beyond.


This surprising hair color is luscious and reminds us of late-90s power pop punk. It’s angsty and playful, and we are loving it.

Deep Blues
Another trendy hair color that professionals can lend a hand to achieve is a deep blue, almost denim color. Add depth and it’s a mood to match the year. Chestnut Brown
Classic, rich and warm hues of brown make for a nice seasonal change. Paired with chunky sweaters and messy buns, we love a romantic brunette palette.

The pandemic fun lives on with trendy pastel hair colors making it a fun pop of faded color against neutral clothing options. We’re particularly loving the pinks and find them a great winter color.

New Clients

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