Hair Extensions Salon Near Me

When it comes to adding length and volume to your hair through extensions, you want the best. The processes involved in hair extensions require talent and expertise, both of which are in ample supply at Accolades Salon Spa. If you are considering hair extensions and have searched for a salon near you that performs the service, look no further. 

At Accolades Salon Spa, we know that extensions are a commitment of time and money. Before you take the leap, here’s a bit more information about extensions.

Style Options
Extensions allow for a nearly endless amount of options when it comes to style. Length and color are the two game changers here. Whether you are looking up to liven up your hair game with more length or style, extensions can do both.

Staying Power

Today’s hair extensions are created to last. Depending on quality and quantity, synthetic hair extensions typically fall into the $50-$90 ballpark. If you’d like to opt for the human hair route, you can expect to pay around $130-$230 dollars. While more of an investment, extensions can last anywhere up to three to six months!

Different Types
Two important factors when it comes to making hair choices include hair that allows you to live your life normally and/or your desired look. You’ll want to discuss your routine with one of our trained stylists to decide the proper route.

Reasons to Give it a Go We love extensions and find them great for mixing up your regular hair routine. They also are fun for special occasions, for those that want more voluminous hair, if you’ve had a bad haircut and want to hide it, or if you are attempting to grow out hair.

New Clients

Call 651.698.8818 and let us do the work of matching you to a stylist and booking your appointment.