Why Waxing is Better

Everyone and their mom has an opinion on what the best method to remove unsightly body hair is these days. But in the age old debate, our talented team at Accolades Salon Spa weighs in on the side of waxing. Why you say? Read on to find out.

During any waxing treatment, warm wax is applied to the desired hair-free region. Then, the hair is removed swiftly in the opposite direction of growth. While painful for a moment, waxing pulls out hair from the roots.

Great for areas like your arms, legs, and bikini, this form of hair removal takes out the hair completely ensuring smooth skin for approximately three to six weeks at a time. The soft and hair-free skin available with waxing is one of its biggest attractors.

While shaving, a razor edges along your skin’s surface cutting hair with a blade. Well-suited to areas of the body like legs and armpits, one must exercise caution to avoid knicking areas around the knees and ankles. Shaving is inexpensive and painless but unfortunately, hair regrowth is quick and one must shave multiple times a week to obtain the smoothness that is so desired.

At Accolades Salon Spa, we perform a variety of waxing services including sensitive facial regions like the brow, lip, or chin. We also do the standard back, half leg, full leg, and underarm. And, heading into swimsuit season, we can help manicure your bikini line to keep you looking fresh at the pool.

Visit our salon and let us help you with all of your grooming needs.

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