All About Tinting

Tired of applying mascara daily to make your eyes pop or stuck trying to find the right brow liner to make your brows do their job?  At Accolades Salon Spa, we’ve got the answer for you: Tinting.

With a tinting job, you can flaunt all natural brows and lashes around the clock and always look polished. With the ability to create custom colors to enhance your natural hair color, tinting delivers a beautiful option in minutes that lasts from four to six weeks.

This no-makeup-look is easy to maintain and is great for those with extremely fair hair or eyebrows that differ from their hair color.

How it Works:

A semi-permanent dye is mixed to match your specific color needs.  Petroleum Jelly is then applied to the areas that will not be dyed to create a moisture barrier.  An esthetician applies the dye using a cotton applicator and allows the dye to sit for approximately 15 minutes or until the solution dries.  Once dry, the esthetician washes away any excess dye with soap and warm water and removes the Petroleum Jelly, leaving behind perfectly tinted eyebrows and lashes.

About Safety
A proper tinting uses vegetable-based dyes to reduce irritating reactions. Contact lens wearers should avoid wearing lenses during a tinting session and the day after to reduce possible irritation.

As a way to perfect brows or lashes, tinting is the perfect answer to define and darken your look.  Book your next appointment at Accolades Salon Spa now and book this service to step up your no-hassle holiday party vibe!

New Clients

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