The Minnesota Experience

In Minnesota, we are brimming with talent. This goes for more than just our St. Paul salon, Accolades. Home to a booming culture and art scene and proud owner of 10,000 lakes, we’ve got it all up here. In fact, here are a few of our team’s most favorite things about our location:

Cold Winters
This goes in both the good and bad categories. While our harsh winters can take a toll, we are proud of the sense of community and solidarity they invoke. Not to mention, the Minneapolis Skyway is the longest continuous skyway system that links together a pedestrian route indoors through the downtown buildings. Did you know that it is actually seven miles long?

Prince’s Birth Place
In the grooming industry, this is a big deal. The music pioneer Prince, known best for his mix of funk, pop, and rock was proudly Minnesota-raised. Next time you visit our salon, check and see if we’re airing his music to maintain the vibe.

Most Literate
According to a recent study conducted by Central Connecticut University, Minneapolis is one of the most literate cities in the U.S. The study examined local bookstores, libraries, newspapers, and education levels.

Bill Murray
We felt the guy deserved to make the list! Bill Murray, the actor extraordinaire, is a part-time owner of the St. Paul Saints. On the team’s website he is listed as the team psychologist with duties that range from morale boosting to train spotting.

Accolades Salon Spa
At Accolades Salon Spa in St. Paul, we ensure that every client receives a refreshing and relaxing experience. Whether you visit for a haircut, facial, massage, waxing, pedicure or more, we deliver exceptional services.

New Clients

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