The Beauty of the Manicure

There’s something about a great manicure that can just make you feel put together and polished. Plus, a proper polish job actually provides you with a few little-known benefits. Here’s why we love a fresh nail session:

  1. Boost the Health of Your Nails
    Regularly visiting the salon can decrease the chances of your nails developing unwanted fungus or an infection. The deep cleaning that occurs in a manicure sloughs off dead skin cells, encouraging new cell growth to leave your nails and hands healthier and stronger.
  2. Decrease Stress
    Sitting back and relaxing while allowing someone else to take care of you is a great way to restore your system from daily stress. We encourage all of our salon guests to relax and allow our team to improve the look and feel of your hands while your tension melts away.
  3. Smooth and Soft Hands
    When it comes to hand health, many individuals resort to nail-biting, picking at cuticles, or worse leaving cracked, bleeding, and just plain ugly hands and nail beds. At Accolades Salon Spa we can aid in smoothing your rough patches, conditioning your skin and nails to mitigate the damage of nervous energy.

Come treat yourself to one of our special treatments. Getting your nails done is more than a nurturing and restorative session. It’s something you can take with you!

New Clients

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