Put Your Best Face Forward: Exploring Facials

We all want to put our best face forward and at Accolades Salon Spa, we can help. Facials are a truly beneficial skin treatment that is tailored to your individual skin type. At our salon, we offer a range of facial options designed to address your specific needs.

But first, the basics:

What is a Facial?

A facial is an experience that targets attention to the skin on your face. Through multiple steps, a facial cleanses your pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and can treat common skin issues. It results in healthier, happier, and younger looking skin.

There are typically five steps to a facial:

  1. Cleansing
    In this step, an esthetician will massage cleanser into the face and neck area to remove grime and makeup. The cleanser will then be removed and your face will be dried for examination on how to proceed.
  2. Exfoliating
    Next up, it’s common for a good skin buffing via exfoliation to remove any excessive dead skin cells and open up your pores for the next step.
  3. Extractions
    This process involves the removal of blackheads or whiteheads based on your skin’s condition. It is not done in every facial but is a great way to ensure smooth skin once extraction sites heal.
  4. Massage
    Classic massage strokes are involved in a light face massage to both relax you during your facial and to stimulate the skin via face muscles.
  5. Masks
    Last but not least, the final step in a facial is typically a face mask that targets your skin’s condition. This application is followed by skin creams that address the health of your skin.

New Clients

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