Moisturizing for Your Hair Type

No two individuals have the exact same hair. You probably have a sense of your own hair, if it’s fine and dry, coarse and thick, curly or mature. The key to properly moisturizing is to pay attention to how your hair functions and find the right tools to maintain a good balance.

For Curly and Dry Hair

Curly hair has a natural tendency to become dryer due to its structural, twisted shape. This is because the oil produced by your scalp can take longer to make its way down to the ends of each strand. To moisturize this type of hair, we recommend that you use a curly-specific shampoo and conditioning product. You will want to lock in moisture with regular applications of conditioning cream or oil and always be sure to use a leave-in formula for extra moisture.

For Thick and Dry Hair
Similar to the above, this type of hair dries out easily due to its basic structure. To support moisture, we recommend layering your conditioning by using a rich, rinse-out conditioner then following up with a moisture-rich leave-in. At least once a week, apply a deep conditioning mask to help maintain silky, smooth hair.

For Fine and Dry Hair

If your hair is fine and dry, you’ll want to be sure to not select products meant for thick or curly hair. These can weigh down your thin strands of hair. Instead, select a conditioner that is lightweight yet moisturizing. You will also want to focus application of any conditioning products to the ends of your hair while avoiding your roots which can make your hair too oily.

For Mature Hair
Hair changes over time and many individuals experience hair that becomes thinner and drier with age. This occurs mostly because of hormone shifts and changes in metabolism.
For conditioning this type of hair, we recommend a softening conditioner in addition to using overnight hairmasks at intervals as needed.

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