Hot Nail Trends

We love a good nail trend to make the season really pop. Here are a few of the hot trends that we’ve been making notes of:

Gradation Manicures
Similar to the ombre hair craze, we’ve been spotting lots of bold shades that employ a diffused gradation aesthetic. Professionally airbrushed or DIY at home, to create this look, pant your nail a base color then blend while wet to create an ombre finish. Don’t forget to top with a dry coat to protect this sizzling look.

Going Yellow
We’re seeing plenty of sassy yellow nail colors this year giving off a summery and spirited vibe. Plus, this range of colors will transition seamlessly when the season changes.

Funky French
Go for more than just the standard French manicure with a glamorous take on the traditional French style. We’re loving gold leafing on the tips or even just a bright pop of color topped off with a dark navy or black to boost contrast.

In case you were tired of the regular reds and pinks, go for something fluorescent and jazzy. Not only will this range of colors make you look extra sun-kissed, they are a fun swap for the mundane.

If you prefer the understated route, then nudes are where it is at. We are seeing plenty of barely-there manicures that extend the naked feeling to the fingertips.

Oval Shapes
Instead of making a statement through color, consider employing shaped tips as a way to take a stand. Oval shapes are a fun change from the regular fingertip and really add an extra sense of flair.

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