Great Hair Party Looks

Whether you’re headed to an office party, your spouse’s soiree, or a large family get together, you want to look good. Here are a few of our favorite party looks that you should try out this year:

  1. Side-Clip with Accessories
    We are loving a side-swipe in the front complete with some sort of add-on pizazz. Think crystal hair clips or velvet bows. For the remaining hair, curl lightly and let drape around the shoulders for a festive yet sexy look.
  2. Adding Flowers
    Tired of sparkle, try a new page by adding in either fresh or dried flowers to your locks. Several of our favorite varieties include baby’ breath, roses, or even a peony. This fun accessory smells great too.
  3. Long Waves
    For those with shoulder-length and longer hair, add a bit of sea salt spray and hit the curling iron for long, wavy tresses. This glamorous party look is great for any type of occasion.
  4. Piled High
    For a chic, pulled-back appearance, take all of your hair and pile it right at the crown of your head. Slick back any flyaways for a sophisticated updo.
  5. Low Loop
    The opposite of the above style, this low-slung loop is gathered at the back of the neck after a center part. Form two low pigtails and secure the loops together with a fun bow.
  6. Tousled Pony
    Ending on a classic one here, this look is easy and breezy. Plus it looks stellar when combined with some right red lipstick. Place hair in a high pony and tousle the ends. Feel free to give an extra shot of hairspray or texturizer to really amp up the volume.

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