Detoxing Your Skin

Now that spring is underway, it’s time to step up your skincare game and detox for a fresh look. Whether you’ve been slacking on a good skincare routine, overly stressed at work, or just not taking proper care of yourself, jumpstart the season by detoxing your skin. Today’s hectic lifestyle can impact the state of your skin causing you to look drained, tired, and even to age prematurely.

To combat these measures, you need to replenish the vital nutrients and minerals necessary to cultivate an all-round healthy glow. Here’s what to do:

Establish a Skin Care Routine
First and foremost, you need to consider how you care for your skin. When creating a routine, what issues are you hoping to address? Redness, puffiness, dullness? There’s a wide range of products available on the market so before beginning, it is helpful to have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish. Then get to work.

  • Exfoliate
    One of the secrets to bright, fresh skin is to exfoliate. When looking to detox, dry brushing (the practice of using a naturally bristled brush before you get in the shower) is a great way to boost circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage cell renewal. Try to brush in small circular motions and start farthest away from the heart working up on the body. For the face, look for a facial scrub for sensitive skin and work it into your routine approximately 2-3 times a week.
  • Cleanser
    Next up is finding a cleanser that works for your skin. After exfoliating, you’ll want a way to remove the dirt and buildup of excess skin cells that have been loosened. A great pH balanced cleanser can deliver that needed deep clean feeling.
  • Masks
    For that deep detox, a face mask is where it’s at. Soft clay masks are excellent at detoxifying the skin by pulling out impurities. Charcoal masks are another option to absorb dirt from your pores.

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