Damaged hair and preventive maintance

We see a lot of clients that come in with frizzy and damaged ends. Frizzy hair is caused by the damaged ends splitting and traveling up the hair shaft. Remember that long hair is old hair, that has a alot of history to it. For example – exposure to the sun, heat from styling tools, possibly a couple of color applications and different water exposure (chlorine and Hard water). Lastly if you have textured hair it is more dry then straight hair and therefore has a need for more product to assist it in looking beautiful.
We have laid out the challenges and causes of dry hair, now for the solutions.
First thing you need is a restructurizing conditioner that will help protect and restore the hair challenges. There is a product that we have been testing that is so new the company doesn’t even have it on its website yet. Our salon is an Aveda salon and we have been testing this new product by Clean Enhanced Organics and the conditioner is Colorful. It is what we reccomend for hair that has these challenges.
When it comes to water, if you have colored hair and you don’t have soft water, your hair color is lasting half the time that it would with a water softener. If you make the switch from hard to soft water you will notice your hair feeling softer and in better conditioner your first dayof use.Shampoo and products rinse out much easier as well. Chlorine lightens and drys the hair. If you have that concern ,wet your hair in the shower before you get in the pool and again use a good detoxifying shampoo to remove any chlorine buildup. Mint Mary Rose by Clean Enhanced Organics is great for that.
With styling tools. First of all use a leave-in heat protectant as this will minimize heat damage. If your using a flat iron use a quality flat iron – a tourmaline coating will do less damage on the hair,give it a positive charge which will smooth it down and not contribute to damage like a cheaper iron will. Lastly when you are blow drying make sure you keep the nozzle on the dryer so the heat is concentrated on the hair that is being controlled and held down by the brush you are using instead of letting the hair cuticle be roughed up.We reccomend Ample styling tonic by Clean Enhanced Organics.  If you can’t tell already, we love this new product line.

I hope all of this helps and if you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to throw it out there for discussion.

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