Taking Care of Vibrant Hair

At Accolades we deliver the best when it comes to men and women’s hair cutting, hair coloring, waxing and spa offerings. Our talented team offers unparalleled services to fulfill your stylish dreams. One of our specialties is vibrant hair. This means brightly colored hair that falls outside the usual spectrum of brown, blondes, and blacks. Since colored hair requires a little extra attention to maintain and keep healthy, we thought we’d compile our  best known practices for maintaining the unnaturally rich and beautiful colors of vibrant hair:

  • Healthy Hair
    Like all treated hair, starting with healthy hair goes a long way to maintain the vibrancy desired when applying color. Start by ensuring that you nurture your hair with quality products to repair any damage before heading into the salon for your own vibrant color.
  • Cold Water
    Using cold instead of warm water when showering can help preserve the dyes and make your bright color job last!
  • Avoid Products with Sulfates
    Sulfates can strip your hair of natural oils and they can also remove color. To help lengthen the time between salon visits, avoid shampoos and hair products with sulfates or an alcohol base.
  • Moisture
    A quality conditioner can help keep your locks healthy and properly moisturized. In order to avoid drying out your hair, this step is essential when maintaining drastic and vibrant coloring.
  • Avoid Excessive Heating
    If you like to style your hair with tools like curling or flat irons or a blow dryer, make sure to apply a protectant to coat your hair and keep your color safe. Additionally, if you anticipate being out in the sun for extended periods of time, you may want to invest in a UV protection spray!

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