Brow Waxes and Beyond: Waxing at Accolades Salon Spa

Waxing is one of the most approachable and long-lasting ways to remove unwanted body hair. At Accolades Salon Spa, we provide a variety of professional waxing services, including brow waxes and underarm, back, bikini, chin, and chest area waxing. Basically, if you find hair where you don’t want it, we can wax it!

If you are new to the art of hair removal, you may have a few questions regarding what to expect. We’re here to guide you through the complete process, so if you have any questions not addressed below, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our team of experts.

Waxing FAQs

How do I prepare for a waxing appointment?

Before you head into our salon, we ask that you refrain from taking a shower. A recent wash can leave your hair extra soft and supple, which may decrease the effectiveness of a waxing treatment.

Should I shave beforehand?
The answer here is no. Waxing works best on hair that is approximately a quarter of an inch or more in length. After a few waxing sessions, you’ll notice that your hair will change texture, becoming less coarse. As it gets finer, your hair will grow back more slowly. We ask that you stop shaving any area that you are coming in to have waxed for at least two weeks before your appointment.

How often should I wax?
One of the most critical aspects of waxing success is ongoing frequency of treatments. It takes around three to five treatments for your hair to become finer and slower in regrowth. Our team recommends that you set appointments approximately four weeks apart for best results. This is a good schedule for desensitizing your skin, decreasing hair follicle regeneration and encouraging your hair to slow its growth.

Anything else?
With waxing, everyone’s skin reacts differently. Commonalities usually include redness, itchiness or other minor irritations. We can tell you how to care for a fresh wax job to ensure you achieve the results desired.

New Clients

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