Bangs or No Bangs?

At some point in life, most individuals ask themselves the question: “should I get bangs?”

The answer: it depends.

If you are questioning cutting face fringe, here are a few items the staff at Accolades Salon Spa recommends considering.

  1. Bangs Grow Incredibly Fast
    When newly cut, bangs look great. But they can grow super fast ending up obscuring your vision and forcing you to reach for the nearest bobby pin to get them out of your face. Before you cut bangs, you should know that you’ll need to trim them every two to three weeks to keep them at optimal length.

  2. No DIY
    As tempting as it can be, cutting your bangs yourself is not easy. Unless you’ve been taught by a professional hairdresser, forgo the kitchen shears and save your eyelashes and bang line by seeking out one of our expert hair professionals to keep your bangs looking good.

  3. Oil and Sweat
    Since bangs lay directly on your forehead, they don’t always look camera ready. This is especially true due to the absorption of oil produced by your face and also sweat in the warmer months. To combat these two issues, we recommend a good dry shampoo to freshen your bangs.

Growing Them Out
Growing out bangs is a process and a half. Cutting them is the fun and easy part. Before you cut bangs, ask yourself what will you do when you tire of the maintenance and upkeep? The good news is that our team can help you craft a style to accommodate the bang grow out period.

New Clients

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