Accolades Salon and Spa spring season 2012

We are looking forward to the exciting and innovative spring season. We are always learning at educational events, our mistakes, review sites that our guests are giving us feedback from. We really appreciate the review input as it has kept us on our toes and lets us know what is the most important to the people that are responsible for our paychecks.
Accolades Salon Spa staff is committed to the highest level of education, attention to detail and lastly hard work. We continue to strive for perfection while at the same time trying to have fun with ourselves and guests. Positive energy is exuding from our group right now and we are looking forward to a bright future! Thank you everybody out there and keep on enjoying the great weather were having. Brad Schlaeger – owner

New Clients

Call 651.698.8818 and let us do the work of matching you to a stylist and booking your appointment.