Short Hair Styling Tips

Spring and summer make for seasonal changes that always make us want to chop our long locks into a fun crop. This year, if you take the plunge with a change-of-season reset, here are several professional short hair styling tips to help you wear your new cut:

  • Less is More
    Don’t fret needlessly over a complicated look or set yourself up to be a slave to new trends. Oftentimes, beautiful short haircuts are best when working with natural texture for a simple and chic look.
  • Chin-Length
    A sophisticated mainstay, chin-length bobs deliver a versatile cut that can be styled sleekly, messy for on-the-go, with added texture to introduce a bit of playfulness, or smooth for a classic look.
  • Consider Pixie
    Pixie cuts have remained popular with good reason. This short style is perfect for those willing to take a deep plunge for a cropped summer do. Talk to your stylist about adding even more dimension through the use of color and texture.
  • Get Layers
    The shag look is full of modern layers, wispy bangs, and textured waves. This look is all about volume and shape. Have fun with a short due and use different products to perfect different looks.
  • Go For Moisture
    When it comes to short hair and styling, be sure to always moisturize your hair before setting your look. This can help bring about a light, airy quality as opposed to turning your head into a heavy, greasy look.
  • Maximize Volume
    Concentrate on the lifting your hair at the roots for a fuller, more voluminous look. Tousle dry wet, run your fingers through, maybe add a few sprays of hairspray or finishing product and go!

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