What is a Hydrafacial?

Regardless of age, everyone wants youthful, healthy and glowing skin. This can be difficult to accomplish, particularly in winter, as your skin gets parched from the cold, dry air.

At Accolades, we’re proud to host Angela, the founder of Arigato Holistic Skin Care and a Master Holistic Esthetician. With over 20 years of experience studying natural, healing care products and methods, Angela’s biggest takeaway is that “all humans need a healing touch and nurturing products to achieve optimal health and balance in their lives.”

With a focus on natural skin care for men and women of all ages, the hydrafacial is one of our specialty treatments designed to improve the appearance of your skin.

How hydrafacials work

In any great facial, there are numerous stages meant to aid the skin in renewing itself. In a hydrafacial, nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, magnesium peptides, copper, zinc, and algae, among others, work together to pack a powerful antioxidant punch that can counteract skin damage.

Whether from the sun’s harmful rays, pollution or free radicals, or stress and lifestyle choices, a hydrafacial can help mitigate skin damage. Several of the conditions best addressed by this approach include:

  • Acne
  • Congested Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Tired or dull skin

If you are interested in learning more about natural approaches to the look and feel of your skin, come in and talk to our team now.

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