First Time Facial?

At Accolades Salon Spa, we offer a wide variety of industry-leading services. From hair cutting and coloring to waxing treatments, massage and more. If you have never experienced the luxury of a facial before, it is one of our talented team’s most favorite services to deliver.

Known to smooth the texture of your skin, help your complexion glow, experience fewer breakouts, and get properly hydrated, facials do a plethora of great things. During any facial, an esthetician extracts excess skin, dirt, and bacteria from your pores. While slightly uncomfortable, this process allows for a deep cleaning that isn’t possible at home. Essentially you can think of your esthetician as your face guru, uncovering the very best face for you to put forward to the world.

At our salon spa, we offer four different types of facial treatments:

  • Restorative
    Nurturing for all skin types, this facial boasts advanced restorative features including Reiki healing energy work and lymphatic massage.
  • Self-Healing
    A holistic and clinical healing experience, this facial features both a lymphatic massage and foot massage to rejuvenate your whole self.
  • Antioxidant Blast
    An antioxidant rich scrub, this facial employs a restorative mask to deliver TLC for any skin type.
  • 5-Minute Mini
    Just as it sounds, this miniature facial treatment is great for those on the go that want to boost their glow factor.

With all of our facial offerings, we use Arigato skin care products to enhance our services. Book your first facial or other service with our expert team today!

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