Answers About Waxing

At Accolades Salon Spa, we offer a rich variety of waxing services to meet all of your needs. From brows to underarms, backs to bikinis, our team of experts does it all. When it comes to waxing services, there are several things a newbie should know in advance of your first appointment:

  • What length does hair need to be in order to be waxed?
    While the answer varies, waxing works best on hair that is at least ¼ inch in length. This is especially true for the first several waxing treatments. Once the hair reduces its coarseness, it can be more easily waxed as it gets finer. Most professionals recommend abstaining from shaving any area to be waxed for at least two to three weeks before an appointment.
  • How often should I set waxing appointments?
    Staying on top of a regular waxing routine is one of the keys to waxing success since it can take up to three treatments to achieve smooth skin. We recommend setting your appointments approximately four to five weeks apart to desensitize skin and allow for a good cadence of decreasing the coarseness of the hair follicles, which over time with contribute to less hair growth.
  • Should I avoid anything in particular before my appointment?
    Yes! We recommend that you refrain from taking a shower or bath before heading into our salon as this will soften your hair and make your treatment less effective. As mentioned above, your hair should be the appropriate length and ensure that all areas to be waxed are clean and ready for service.
  • What can I expect afterwards?
    Everyone’s skin reacts slightly differently but you can usually expect to have temporary redness, slight itchiness, and minor irritation. Other than that, you can expect hairless skin!

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