Nurturing Your Hair

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the week and do little to pamper yourself. This also applies to regular hair care routines. But to make the most of your luscious locks and to ensure that you are always putting your best style out there, incorporate a few of these tips on how to nurture the health of your hair!

  • Wash Your Hair Less
    Yes, we know, it sounds difficult to do but once your scalp oils acclimate to this type of schedule, you will notice a difference in the health of your hair. Washing your hair on the daily can strip essential oils and leave brittle, dry, and flat hair. Try cutting back slowly. This is especially true for colored hair.
  • Avoid Super Hot Showers
    Turn down the temperature of your water to slightly warm to protect your hair and scalp. Also, deliver a nice invigorating massage each time you shampoo to encourage circulation and help detoxify the scalp. Super hot water can dry out your hair and even result in extra tangles that can lead to unwanted breakage.
  • Quality Conditioner
    Finding the right products for your hair may be a process but our stylists are here to help. A good conditioner can bolster your hair health and provide proteins to replenish and restore hair. It is also recommended to squeeze out any excess water before applying conditioner to your ends while avoiding the roots.
  • Use Low Heat Styling Tools
    If you are a regular blow-dryer, turn your dryer to the lowest setting to avoid dry and damaged looking locks. For other styling tools, be sure to invest in a heat protecting serum to prevent damage and leave you with happy, healthy hair.

Regardless of your regular routine, these above tips can help nurture your hair. At Accolades, we know how to deliver and maintain great hair. Book an appointment with one of our professional haircare professionals today.

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