Men need to look good!

Men do you look good? Really do the following things come to mind when you look in the mirror- Stying, groomed, great hair color, facial hair that is cool. In addition – no bushy eyebrows nose hair sticking out, ear hair – you catch my drift.
Now lets just talk about being a man and being pampered. Many men just go for the fast food hair experience. I am always amazed to see men at later stages in their development and they are experiencing somebody giving them a full shave service while they lay back and relax. They are like little kids with the enthisiam they share about being taken care of in that way. For the man in your life that is special treat him to being groomed if he needs it on the top of his head or just needs to hear an opinion on how he looks from somebody else than yourself. Or just make some big brownie points and treat him to a wonderful experience at Accolades Salon Spa. We know how to take care of men!

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